According to Article 47, Law 1480/2011 or consumer protection law, within the following five (5) working days after any transaction is made, including a delivery of a product or signing a contract, consumers are entitled to make use of their right to retract.

Masglo informs the public that any product acquired through the online platform or mobile apps can be returned within five (5) working days counted from the moment the product is received, and the full price will be refunded. In case the product is returned after this period or if the product has been used or damaged or is not sent inside its original package, Masglo will not accept the returned product and no refund will be made. It is important that every piece which make part of the product is included and returned.

In case a second return of the same order is made Masglo will reserve the right to accept or reject the second request.

If you have any doubt regarding the above described procedure or Masglo’s refund policy for online orders, you can contact us via email at or through our phones in Bogota (031) 7430717 or our national free line 018000180261.